Mr. Michael Thomas of Ben Steele Middle School has stood out in the preliminary voting for America's Favorite Teacher, sponsored by Teach for America, and now he needs your vote in the quarterfinal round.

Here is the link to read about Mr. Thomas and to cast your vote for him.  Scroll down to see more pictures of him with kids.

Vote for Mr. Michael Thomas for America's Favorite Teacher

Wanna hear from Mr. Thomas?  He visited with Aaron Flint on Montana Talks.  Here is the audio:

Hurry, this quarterfinal round of voting ends next Thursday the 16th at 8:00 p.m. MST.

You Can Buy Votes!

With nearly every major election, we hear the gripe about politicians buying votes.  Well now you can too!  And for only $1 each!  Your first vote for Mr. Thomas is free, and you can stuff the ballot box with 10, 25, 50, up to 250 votes and even more.  The proceeds from the campaign will benefit Teach for America and the mission to uphold thriving learning environments.

What Will He Win?

A trip to Hawaii, $25,000, and he can write an article on his views about education, and it will appear in Reader's Digest magazine.  If not one already, Mr. Thomas will officially become a published author.

What is Mr. Thomas' Fav Part of Being a Teacher?

In his own words: "...that moment when a kid realizes they are safe and welcome. They start to open up and show you the "real" version of themselves. Once I can figure out what drives their motor in the classroom, we are off and learning! Some kids are shy and quiet at first, but we eventually get them out of their shell and they are part of our classroom community. When they look forward to learning, I've done my job."

Okay, Mr. Thomas, you have my vote :)

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