Volunteerism is a great way to give back to our community.

Perhaps you already volunteer your time. Maybe you coach a youth sports program, work with Scouts, or regularly help out at a food bank or homeless shelter. Great! If you don't currently volunteer anywhere but are interested in lending a helping hand, then read on.

Have you heard of JustServe.org?

Today, I learned about a great resource called JustServe.org. It's sort of a clearinghouse that connects people with local volunteer opportunities. It's really slick and easy to use. Just type in Billings (or your zip code) in the main menu and your screen will instantly fill with all types of volunteer positions all around town.

Saturday, April 22nd is the big day.

Billings Day of Community Service lands on Earth Day, 2023, and many of the volunteer opportunities this month include outdoor cleanup. Places like ZooMontana, Norm's Island, Two Moon Park, Joel's Pond (at Scheels), and other outdoor areas could use a good litter pick-up. All of the volunteer work shifts on April 22nd are just 3 hours long and many of them are child-appropriate.

More of an indoor person? No problem.

Not all of the positions are cleaning up trash. In fact, there are a number of indoor positions like helping paint the Women's Impact Room or making sandwiches at St. Vincent dePaul and making cookies for the Salvation Army.

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Photo courtesy JustServe.org, used with permission
Photo courtesy JustServe.org, used with permission

Connecting helpers with groups in need.

JustServe.org makes it really easy for youth organizations, church groups, businesses, or individuals to find ways to lend a hand. While the focus this month is on April 22nd, the website posts volunteer opportunities year-round. It's also a great resource to submit your service project to let others know about your non-profit event or needs. You know the old saying, "Many hands make light work." So grab some gloves and lend a hand! Get the kids involved too, if you have children. Giving back feels good and helps instill a sense of pride in our community.

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