The amount of time it takes to go #1 based on a study that won a Nobel Prize

Today on the Morning Mix Michael and I discussed a study that was done on bladders from all species, and the "healthy" amount of time it should take a person to pee…
I know good quality radio right here. But If the scientists won the Nobel for this, it has to be correct, right? 😏

A "phenomena" that happens to me

I need to know if you experience this same phenomena… so I don’t feel like an alien in a human body. Just kidding! But it's definitely weird.
Ever since I was a toddler, I can remember every time I used the restroom to urinate, a couple of salty tears poured out of my eyes. Every. Single. Time. 
My classmates would ask, “Are you okay Nikki?” Every time I came out of the restroom, the tears were falling out of my eyes sockets and down my cheeks.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

According to the study,

"If an animal or human is over 6 pounds, then they should be peeing for about 21 seconds each time. Any less, it could be kidney issues, and any longer amount of time means you held your bladder too long."

So we tested the theory out... alone, duh!

That would be even weirder if we timed each other's pee stream. LOL!
My stream stopped at 22 seconds. Michael’s stopped at 24 seconds. I'd say that's healthy...
We got even deeper into the conversation when I told him A SECRET I have...😶
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

“I cry every time I pee…”
Listen below to our conversation we had today  about this topic and my secret. I'm so puzzled.

This is what internet said about me crying when I pee... it's very confusing.

 I don't trust the web to give me medical advice. BUT, check out the last paragraph below. It's basically says there's a nerve that's stimulated when urinating... YAY! 😅

Does this happen to you, the reader?

It looks like it has to deal with the parasympathetic nervous system.
If it has happened to you, please send me a message on the app chat. I need to know! I won't say your name on-air, and it's an honest and pretty funny conversation topic. 
None of colleagues nor my friends and family experience this. Apparently, this is quite rare.
Hence why I called it a phenomenon.

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