Meet Loki, our Wet Nosed Wednesday Featured Pet.

It seems everybody wants a puppy when it comes time to get a four-legged friend. It's understandable... puppies are undeniably cute, you get to spend their entire life together while experiencing all the newness and excitement of a puppy.

They are also a LOT of work.

Every time we get a new puppy at my house, we're reminded how much time and energy a puppy requires. Accidents on the floor, getting up in the middle of the night to let them out, the chewing stage. Oh, the chewing stage is the worst! Another pair of ruined shoes? Yay. Destroyed furniture? Fun.

Credit: Tiffany Smith, YVAS/Michael Foth, TSM
Credit: Tiffany Smith, YVAS/Michael Foth, TSM

Loki is a 10-year-old Husky/Lab mix.

I think Loki has more Labrodore traits than Husky, but either way, he's a big, lovable, sweetheart. Tiffany Smith, Development Director at Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter, said he came to the shelter because one of his former owners was allergic to dogs. Hence, they made him sleep outside, which he didn't care for very much. Poor guy.

He's quite well-behaved and appears to have lots of life left.

Smith mentioned he doesn't seem to care for loud noises, and may startle a bit easily until he warms up to his surrounding. I took a quick video of Loki during his in-studio visit this week, where he promptly demonstrated one of his tricks. His former owners report that he does well with cats and chickens, and would probably do well with another dog that matches his age. He loves people.

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Don't miss the Check Your Chip event this Saturday (6/17).

A reminder, 4th of July weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for pets to escape gates and fences or run away. If you want to dramatically increase your odds of getting your beloved pet back, please make sure they are chipped! YVAS is hosting a "Check Your Chip" event this Saturday from 9 - 11 at Centennial Dog Park, where they will check your pet's chip for free. If they're unchipped, you can get one on the spot for just $20. Added bonus? Altana Federal Credit Union will be on-site with free ice cream treats! See more about Loki and browse all the dogs and cats currently up for adoption at YVAS HERE.

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