You knew it was Miles City Buckin' Horse time, because Bob Gilbert had his stack of records and he was swinging through KIKC Radio in Forsyth to host his own special classic country show. He did it every year on the way from Helena to Miles City for Buckin' Horse.

That's the Bob Gilbert I knew. He's the Bob Gilbert who represented the Montana Wool Growers in the state capitol for many years. He's the Bob Gilbert with the drink in his hand in the photo above. He's the Bob Gilbert who introduced me to one of my favorite radio interviews- Norm Clarke, the Gossip King of Las Vegas. Bob and Norme went to Miles Community College together back in the day, and when Bob heard me mention on the radio that I was gonna be in Vegas- he said I had to interview Norm.

Rep. Jerry Schillinger (R-Circle) was more familiar with the other well known Bob Gilbert at the capitol. The Bob Gilbert you'd spot even in the most recent Legislative Session in Montana sitting on his favorite bench near the cafe.

I was listening to Lane Nordlund's Western Ag Network report on KBUL Radio in Billings last week when Lane shared the news that our friend Bob Gilbert had passed away. Josh Rath also did a nice writeup over the weekend.

"That's Wooly Bob," Rep. Schillinger reminded me. There's two Bob Gilberts who passed away recently, both of whom were well known in the capitol. "Wooly Bob" represented the Wool Growers (bottom photo above), and "Oily Bob" (top photo above) represented other clients, including oil and gas interests.

Click below to listen to the phone call from Rep. Schillinger last week:


Click here for "Wooly Bob's" obituary. Click here for "Oily Bob's" obituary.


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