Previously, we'd seen 'Late Night' and future 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon take on the likes of both 'Jersey Shore' and 'Downton Abbey,' but never something quite so epic as 'Game of Thrones!' Tonight will see the debut of Fallon's "Game of Desks," transforming NBC's Rockefeller Center into the likes of Westeros with Fallon as Ned Stark himself, so get a sneak peek at the new 'Game of Thrones' parody inside!

'Game of Thrones' itself will take the week off for Memorial Day, but thankfully Jimmy Fallon and the 'Late Night' staff will pitch in to transform the talk show into the HBO-spoofing 'Game of Desks!' Fallon himself will take on the role appropriating Sean Bean's Ned Stark, while judging by the clip above, Fallon announcer Steve Higgins will take the role closest to Kevin Conlon's Lord Varys, with the other roles to be revealed once the skit actually airs tonight.

Entertainment Weekly obtained the first clip from the sketch, which features Fallon transforming into his 'Game of Desks' counterpart and doling out justice to a writer from the "Late Night's Watch." Whoever else pops up (is David Letterman as Tywin Lannister out of the question?), the sketch will air at 12:35 A.M. Eastern time.

Check out the clip from 'Game of Desks' above, and tune in tonight for the full version!