Ready to rock 'n' roll all night to the live sounds of Kiss? Ultimate Classic Rock and Universal Music are giving away a prize package featuring every one of the band's five 'Alive' albums on vinyl, including the previously rare 'Alive: The Millennium Concert.'

In fact, Kiss' fifth 'Alive' installment -- featuring a reunion of the group's founding lineup -- has never been released on vinyl before. The concert recording, from New Year's Eve 1999 at Vancouver, Canada, previously appeared only as part of the 'Kiss Alive 1975-2000' CD box set.

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'Alive' kicked off the series in 1975, and turned out to be Kiss' career-saving first-ever Top 10 entry. 'Alive II' followed in 1977, and became their fastest-moving album to date with double-platinum sales. 'Alive III' arrived in 1993, with a new makeup-free lineup that included Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. 'Kiss Symphony: Alive IV,' a 2003 release featuring Tommy Thayer in place of Ace Frehley, found Kiss working in an inventive new format alongside the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

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