Kiss and Motley Crue will team up for a formidable tour this summer, and based on what Crue singer Vince Neil is saying about the joint production, their respective road crews are going to have their hands full.

“It’s going to be really cool because KISS is bringing their full stage show, and Motley will be bringing our full stage show,” the world’s newest strip club owner tells the Las Vegas Sun. “So you are going to see two huge headliners at the same time. It’s going to be one of the biggest tours of the summer, if not the biggest.”

It’s hard to argue that, and we’re dying to see these two masters of over-the-top stagecraft try to top each other. We’re setting the over/under on flying musicians at three — at the very least, figure you can count on Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee to defy gravity at some point during the evening.

According to the article, an official announcement about the Motley Crue / Kiss tour should be coming sometime next week. Hmmm… perhaps that’s why Kiss is scheduled to perform on the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ show on Tuesday, March 20th?