Access to public lands in Montana is not always easy because much of our 29 million acres of public lands are located behind locked gates or cannot be accessed without crossing private property.

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks aims to help with access by offering private landowners a tax credit up to $3,000 per year if they allow the public to cross their private property to access public land. The deadline for property owners to apply for the 2020 tax credit is March 16, 2020. You can get full details on the program HERE.

I see both sides to this. As a property owner, you may not want the public crossing through your land. Tossing beer cans, leaving gates open, "accidentally" shooting your livestock, etc. is certainly a concern.  On the other hand, getting a small tax break to allow the public to access public land seems like a decent program. Will you be participating? Give us your thoughts in the Comments.

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