There have only been 15 unassisted triple plays in Major League history. This makes the instant inning killer the rarest play in all of baseball.

Although they don’t keep track of such things, it stands to reason there have been more unassisted triple plays than that on the Little League level — just given the sheer number of games played.

Nevertheless, you could watch a lot of Little League and never see a triple play, let alone an unassisted one. But we’re showing you one right here.

That heads-up shortstop is six-year-old Ross Bernath of Sandy Springs, GA. The recording was actually shot by the father of opposing player “James,” who couldn’t make it back to third base in time to prevent the rare play.

The clip went viral pretty quickly and was featured as ESPN SportsCenter’s number one play of the day on Wednesday. This thrilled little Ross, who watches SportsCenter regularly.

“He saw it this morning on ESPN and he’s been smiling ear to ear,” Ross’ dad told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “He’s pretty pumped.”

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