Trending on Twitter this morning is Carmen Electra. Super-hottie from the 90's. Most guys my age probably had a poster of her at some point. She got her first break at stardom when she signed with Prince's record label in Minneapolis in 1991. Then it was Baywatch, Playboy, a bunch of movies and TV gigs, as well as some famous personal drama, like when she married Dennis Rodman.

So why was she trending today? I was worried that maybe it was a car crash, or an overdose or something else tragic, but no worries. She's all over the Twitterverse today because she has a very brief appearance in the trailer for the new Chicago Bulls documentary, called "The Last Dance".  The 10 part series looks pretty sweet.

I grew up during the Bulls reign as the supreme Kings of basketball. I remember when Carmen Electra - briefly - was with Dennis Rodman. They got married at the wedding chapel in Vegas. The marriage was over in like 4 months. Then she married Dave Navarro from the Chili Peppers. That marriage didn't last much longer.

Rodman has since become an unofficial ambassador to North Korea. Somehow. And Carmen is still doing Carmen things.

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