Heads up, Lockwood dwellers. Another big kitty cat has decided to prowl around the area, and no, it isn't your neighbor's supersize tom cat.

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Please, Do Not Pet The Kitty.

A mountain lion was spotted in/around Lockwood in the last few days, and the residents at large have been keeping everyone posted via the Lockwood Neighborhood Watch group on Facebook.

According to Chris Rinabarger, it was seen last Friday morning around 3 am by their house (location unknown), and since has been spotted in and around Lockwood.

Patty Kenaston commented the Mountain Lion had been spotted between Red Oak and Nightingale Streets around 2:15 PM today.

Of course, a Mountain Lion in the area is a cause for concern not only for adults, but for the local children playing, and livestock/chickens in the area.

Where Is It Now?

According to local Roger Kline, 2 County Patrol Vehicles and Animal Control were posted up at the Lockwood Baseball Park, and are waiting for another sighting of the rogue cat.

What Will Happen If They Capture It?

As Mountain Lions do not relocate very well, due to their territorial nature. Relocations have been attempted in the past, however, that has resulted in those animals becoming injured or dying.

The most likely outcome for this big cat is euthanasia, once captured, to prevent any further issues from this event.

When we have more information on the Mountain Lion, and whether or not it has been captured, we'll update this article.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you seen the Mountain Lion? Are you staying indoors until it is captured? Let us know in App Chat or on Facebook.

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