Earlier today, we received rumored reports of his resignation via the Cat Country Mobile App, so we appreciate those parents who brought this to our attention.

Tonight, at a special board meeting at Lockwood High School, the school board accepted the resignation of current Lockwood Schools Superintendent, Tobin Novasio.

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Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

Finding A Replacement

According to Tobin, his resignation officially takes effect June 30th, and he'll be continuing in his position until that date.

The school board also discussed what the search process will look like, with many board members agreeing to start the search for the next Superintendent inside Lockwood Schools.

However, if that search fails, they floated plans to search within Montana utilizing the MTSBA, or even expand nationwide if necessary.

Lockwood is hoping to find an interim replacement, as a "new" Superintendent needs to be in place around June 1st, to prepare for the transition.

One big point stressed is they want to take this slowly, and find the best possible fit for the district, rather than rush to fill the seat. Lockwood is even willing to try more unique options, such as Co-Superintendents, if necessary until the position can be filled.

Credit: Josh Rath, TSM
Credit: Josh Rath, TSM

Rumors Were Floating

Just last week, Big Horn County News wrote about how the Hardin School District offered their Superintendent position to Tobin, however at that time, Tobin had not accepted the position with the Hardin School District.

At this time, nothing has been officially announced of Tobin accepting the position with Hardin Schools, however, this certainly is a strong indication he will accept that position.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Tobin Novasio has done well for Lockwood Schools? What would be the question YOU ask the next Superintendent? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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