Yellowstone is all the craze these days! It's the top show on cable - but it feels like we love the show on a whole other level around here. And that makes sense.....being that the show takes place in Montana, they filmed the upcoming season entirely in Montana with local extras, and we live close enough to take advantage of the fact that you can rent a cabin and stay at the actual ranch from the show. If you haven't let yourself get hooked yet - you have plenty of time to start binge-watching since the new season has an unusually late start of November this year.

And did you see this? They announced some casting news for 1883, the Yellowstone prequel - it'll star Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, along with Sam Elliott. That should be pretty interesting! But while you wait for the new season of Yellowstone, the upcoming 1883, or the in-the-works spinoff titled can show the world that you're a fan of our favorite ranching family by participating in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch 5K/10K.

It would be pretty sweet if the race happened at the ranch that's used for the show.....but I guess that would seriously limit the amount of fans that could participate in the event. Instead, it'll be a virtual race - meaning you can complete it wherever and whenever you want. Yep, that means you can even do it on the treadmill. You'll also get a bit of Yellowstone swag for participating, and the whole thing helps a great cause with donations being made to Feeding America.

The deadline to sign up is August 31. The regular price of $50 is discounted to $34.99 until 8/8.

For signing up you'll receive:
Entry to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch 5K/10K
A Race Shirt, Women's Tank, or Lightweight Hoody Upgrade
Finisher Medal
Official Race Bib
Donation To Feeding America on your behalf.

Register - complete your 5K or 10K - and share your photo on social media for your chance to win cash and other prizes.

What do you think? Are you THIS big of a Yellowstone fan? I saw a comment on Facebook where somebody said they don't understand why anyone would take part in a virtual race.....but then they added that this is something they had to do. Ha!

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