We're just a couple of weeks away from finally getting to see the new season of Yellowstone - and that's something that a lot of people from Montana are pretty excited about because the upcoming fourth season of the show did the bulk of its filming in Missoula, Hamilton, and Darby.

Local Montanans will be on the lookout for familiar locations like Ruby's Cafe or the Missoula County Courthouse, and you may even see a friend or two while you're watching, since the production had a great need for locals to appear as extras on the show. (One member of our own radio station family even got in on that and provided a firsthand account of the experience).

Yellowstone is one of the most popular shows on TV, so naturally, the show is expanding - a couple of spinoffs are planned, including one that's in the process of filming right now. It's called 1883, and it's set years before the events of the main show. Stars like Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill are all main cast members.

Yellowstone: 1883 is Seeking Local Extras to Film Dates in Livingston, Montana

So while 1883 has mostly been filming elsewhere, it looks like they're going to stop by Montana to do some filming for a least a couple of dates. They're planning to shoot in Livingston on November 3rd and 4th.


The show is currently seeking male background actors over the age of 18 to film on those dates, and they say they prefer long hair and facial hair. (It was the 1800s, barbers hadn't been invented yet, probably.)

You'll also need to be vaccinated and submit to a COVID test beforehand.

This is likely towards the end of filming for the prequel series - according to Wikipedia, it's currently set to debut on Paramount+ on December 21st, less than two months away.

If you're interested in being an extra, you can email extras@legacycasting.com.

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