Most Montanans are smart enough not to drink and drive, but statewide the statistics are grim. Anytime we have a story involving a drunken driver injuring or killing someone, many residents speak up and demand the maximum punishment possible. Most think drunken drivers simply do not get what they deserve.

When I saw this story today, I thought I would share because, in this case, a drunken driver's plan to ignore the law and put innocent lives at risk was stopped -- by a raccoon.

A man in San Diego apparently had a few too many and was unable to start his car, which had been equipped with a breathalyzer unit. Obviously, this wasn't the first time he had made the decision to drive drunk. Apparently, this man then noticed a raccoon rooting through some nearby trash and somehow managed to capture the animal. He forced the breathalyzer tube into the mouth of the raccoon and squeezed the little guy until the car started. This squeezing caused the raccoon to lose consciousness so the driver simply threw it onto the passenger side floor of the vehicle.

When the raccoon regained consciousness it began attacking the driver; scratching and biting. The man ultimately lost control of the vehicle, crashed through a fence and ended up in an in-ground pool. The only injuries the driver suffered came from the raccoon and thankfully no one else was hurt.

For those who grit their teeth every time they hear a story about a drunken driver causing injury, I thought you might enjoy this man's instant karma.

Remember people: Never drink and drive; and NEVER kidnap a raccoon.

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