Meet the man who busted his own bracket.

James Kiki is leading Yahoo!'s March Madness pool, but he won't win. That's because he made one glaring error: he never picked a champion. He correctly picked all four Final Four teams and has Villanova squaring off against North Carolina in the championship, but while he has a final score of 68-62, he never filled out which team would win. You can see his bracket here.

That's a $50,000 mistake because that's how much the winner of the pool gets.

Kiki, who's originally from South Sudan and has correctly picked 48 of the 60 games played so far, had never filled out a bracket before and seemed to be on his way to being that story we all know where someone with no knowledge of basketball cruises to victory in a pool.

Kiki decided to be one of the 500,000 entrants in the pool and participate in this most American of pastimes:

I was like, 'What the heck. Let me just try it because, why not?" That's why I ended up filling one. I had never done one probably ever...I've been watching the games, but I didn't even know what teams I picked. It's crazy."

For the record, Kiki would've picked 'Nova to take down the Tar Heels, but that's all meaningless now.

Moral of the story: always double check your bracket and make sure someone at Yahoo! fixes the bracket so this can't happen again. It's pretty amazing there's actually a site that would let this go down in the first place, right?

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