Is that a vagina in your armpit or are you just not wearing deodorant? One in the pink, two in the ink? Okay, okay, we'll stop and give you what you're waiting for: Internet, meet the woman with a photo of her own vagina tattooed in her armpit.

We were wandering around the Rock Jam 2013 campgrounds in Grand Junction, Colorado, when this chick (whose name we unfortunately didn't ask because we were too mesmerized by her ink) yelled out "I have a vagina tattooed in my armpit!"

We did what any other sane person would do and screeched our golf cart to a halt and went to find out her story. She then showed off her beer bong skills and told us whose fingers (an ex-girlfriend's) are featured in her tattoo.

Our beer bong diva said the tattoo was copied from a "sexy picture" she had on her cell phone for a while. She said one day she got bored and decided she needed to commemorate the night it was taken, and her own womanhood, in her armpit.

Internet, meet our new favorite festival-goer:

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