A couple of weeks ago, police had to respond to a call about a suspected meth user at a hotel here in Billings.  I didn't get to hear the audio from the 911 call, but I'm guessing the caller didn't have to go much further than "some kind of a demon tattooed on his forehead". Police recognized the description of Michael Ray Hinshaw and had him in custody shortly after the report.

I grew up in the Bible Belt, which isn't exactly known for its "open-mindedness".  Because of that, I try not to be judgmental about people who choose to express themselves in different ways.  But holy s***t....Face tattoos freak me out!  If I see someone with this level (and quality) of artwork on their face I instantly make the assumption that it wouldn't be a big deal for them to rob or kill me.

Perhaps I am narrow minded and getting old, but I will go to any means necessary to make sure my daughter doesn't end up dating someone with face tattoos.


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