UPDATE 10/3/19 2:15 PM Sheriff Mike Linder releases this statement:

The body mentioned in my last update was found by a man riding his ATV in the wooded area near the intersection of Yard Office Road and Ridge Drive.


This incident is being investigated as a homicide and Detectives finished processing the scene at about noon today.  An autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning. I cannot confirm the body is that of Lori Bray until I have confirmation from the medical examiner one way or the other. In the meantime, our search has been put on hold, as we do not believe continuing the search will yield any new results. I will forward information about the identification as soon I receive the results. The investigation is continuing.


Thank You,


Sheriff Mike Linder


I've been following the story of missing Laurel woman, Lori Bray, pretty closely. I don't know her very well, but a few years ago she worked at the salon where my wife used to work at Hair On Main in Laurel. I would occasionally see her around town at the grocery store or whatever. I know crime happens everywhere on a daily basis, but when it happens in a small town it seems that much more shocking and unnerving.

KTVQ reported earlier this week that Lori was last seen leaving her shift at the Cedar Ridge Casino just after midnight on Monday (12:30 am Tuesday morning). When she didn't make it to work at 4 pm on Tuesday, her boss became concerned. Her car was later found north of Laurel near the Veterans cemetery and Buffalo Trail road. A search of the area on Wednesday morning did not find many clues.

Last night, KULR 8 and the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office announced a body had been found off of Yard Office Road, a few miles east of where searchers were looking.  As of this time, a positive identification of the body has not been announced. The Sheriff's office expects to announce the ID sometime today.  I'm hoping and praying that it is not Lori Bray. If it's not her, then there is the obvious issue of another body. If it is her, I hope authorities are able to catch the killer and justice is swift. The last thing Laurel needs is another unsolved murder.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information is released. A number of folks in Laurel are working on raising donations for Lor'is family. I'll share info when I've confirmed donation locations.

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