BREAKING: Missing Laurel Woman
A body was discovered Wednesday evening. Authorities have not yet released the ID of the body and internet speculation is running wild that it could be the body of missing Laurel woman Lori Bray.
Wanner died in June 2017 but his body was found about a month later on a property near Roundup.
2016 Police Report
The murder rate in Billings decreased significantly in 2017 from 2015, but according to the annual Billings police report released Thursday, robberies, rapes and police shootings have increased dramatically over that same time period. Go to; KTVQ...
Red Lodge Man Arrested
A Red Lodge man was arrested Thursday morning for the murder of a homeless man who was reported missing Monday. Thomas Schifferns was being held at the Yellowstone County jail on a $1 million bond, according to Carbon County Sheriff Josh McQuillan...
Four Years for Murder? Enough?
Two days ago, 32-year-old Mikel Knick walked away from the Alternatives pre-release center in the Heights. This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it has caused some people to ask the question: Why would a murderer and a kidnapper be in a halfway house after only serving fou…
Rehabilitation is Not an Option
Most of us are aware of the terrible crimes Jesus Yeizon Deniz Mendoza allegedly committed on July 29th. After running out of gas in Pryor, a local woman, Tana Shane, stopped to help him.
She then went to her home and returned with her husband, Jason Shane Jr...
AC/DC Drummer Vows Return
However the legal drama surrounding AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd eventually resolves itself, you have to give the guy this much: He doesn't seem to be letting it put much of a cramp in his style.
Arizona Woman Tries To Murder Her Husband With Poop
This 66 year old beauty is Rosemary Vogel. Recently, Rosemary's husband had to undergo surgery. Whilst recovering, she decided she'd seize the opportunity to take him out by injecting feces into his IV drip.
Fortunately for Mr. Vogel, she was caught prior to injecting her poo into the bag (…

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