True Crime is "hot" right now. With different articles, podcasts, and weekly Dateline episodes, people seem to be quite intrigued with it. Stuck inside for a year with a pandemic, I did some reading. Now, this may be creepy, but I am obsessed with True Crime. I am always curious about the places I go, whether it's just a visit or a move, I like to know a little bit about the area. I decided I would check out what sort of True Crime Montana has had. I was pleased to know that for the most part, Montana is a safe state, especially Bozeman.

I started as I always do, first with serial killers and then "famous murders or homicides". I know, still perhaps a bit creepy, but I like to think we all do it. I just write about it. Considering I live in Bozeman, I thought I would start with the most fitting: John Bozeman.

John Bozeman: Now John is known for establishing the Bozeman Trail through Wyoming Territory and also the town was named after him, Bozeman. As John was exploring by the Yellowstone River with his friend Tom, apparently they were "attacked" by a band of Blackfeet Natives, ending with John being murdered. Now, none of this has ever been proven. This is just what Tom claims happened. Rumor is, Tom murdered John out of jealousy.

Miranda Fenner: This murder had yet to be solved until the last couple of years! 18-year-old Miranda was working at a video rental place in 1998 when she was murdered at work. The killer left no evidence and there were still no suspects...UNTIL July 2019, Zachary David O'Neill pled guilty to the murder of Miranda Fenner! Full story here!

The Billings Gazette

Wayne Nance: A suspected Serial Killer, aka "Missoula Mauler", who is suspected of killing Donna Pounds in 1974, and Marci Bachmann, a teenager who had run away from home, never got to see his time in jail or a guilty verdict. Nance was shot in the head when he had broken into the home of the couple, Doug and Kris Wells, ending the reign of the "Missoula Mauler".

Morris Davis: This murder is particularly strange. Davis was a pizza delivery guy, when he was delivering his order he pulled up to an address. The house was vacant. Weird right? Davis was ambushed at the front door and shot 9 times! They stole his wallet and took off. Still to this day, no suspects have been found.

The Billings Gazette

There are other homicides that have taken place throughout the state. If you have any that I must know about, message me on the XL Country App!

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