We've got another musical 8-Bit video game trailer thanks to the Filthy Frackers. Mashing up old school chiptune audio, classic video game characters and some of the most genre-defining '80s heavy metal acts, we bring you the trailer for Monsters of Rock.

You may have already seen our imaginary trailer for a game based on the 'Big 4' of thrash, which received a great response from fans. This time around, we're delving into soundscape of those Monsters of Rock compilations you used to always see on TV.

We managed to narrow it down to five classic songs, which represent the best hair metal and hard rock of the '80s. First off, we've got Guns N' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" set in the iconic worlds of Contra, Donkey Kong Jr. and Jungle Hunt. Next up, a cavalcade of classic Nintendo characters come together to watch Def Leppard perform "Pour Some Sugar on Me." You'll see Bowser from the Super Mario series rocking out with his kids, while Ganon from Link to the Past and the Big Fish from Megaman 2 also enjoy some quality music.

We couldn't make Monsters of Rock without Motley Crue and "Girls, Girls, Girls." The infamous quartet hit up a strip club driving Mario Karts rather than bikes, only to find themselves ogling an alien with the Angry Video Game Nerd. One of Nintendo's most hated games, Friday the 13th, also makes it into our tribute, with Jason escaping his padded cell to the tune of Quiet Riot's "Bang Your Head" -- no thanks to the help of Dr. Mario.

Finally, we salute the unparalleled music video for Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." The hair metal legends are joined by Sweet Tooth and Dollface from Twisted Metal to terrorize Mark Metcalf's Neidermeyer-like character from Animal House.

Enjoy our Monsters of Rock video game trailer above! To check out more awesomeness from the Filthy Frackers, click here.

See the Video Game Characters Featured in our Monsters of Rock Video

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