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Montana Fair returns to Billings August 11-19.  It's interesting how the fair means different things to people at different stages in their lives.  As kid it's all about the rides and food.  When your 6 years of age there are certain rides you won't go on.  By the time you 10 those same rides are now your favorite.  As a teenager, it's not about the rides, it's about checking out the opposite sex.  The rides you do go on are the ones you can ride with the opposite sex.  Oh, and you like the food.  As a young adult, the fair is about the concerts, rodeo and food.  As a new parent, it's about your kids having fun at the fair.  It's also about hot days walking what seems like miles and waiting in line, spending money and food. As an older adult it might mean taking grand kids to the fair, or just people watching and food.  I think you see the one constant in any age.

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