Right now, as I sit writing this in the Townsquare Tower, it is 16 BELOW zero according to Weather.com. With wind chills going toward 30 BELOW zero. Absolutely CHILLY weather here in Montana today. However, thankfully for myself and many others, we have somewhere to get away from that cold.

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May it be our homes, cars, work, etc... we have the ability to stay warm during these weather events. However, some are not as fortunate.

Homeless In Montana

We hear about the conditions of those who are homeless all the time from other states. Camps set up along roadways, garbage everywhere... something nobody wants in their cities, right?

Well, here in Billings, we don't really have much of that. Sure, we have homeless walking around doing their thing... but a level like Denver or Seattle? No.

But, we DO have one big issue for those who are homeless. A safe, and warm, place to stay during extreme weather events... like today.

Enter Montana Rescue Mission

Beatriz Villanueva, Volunteer & Marketing Coordinator for the Billings Leadership Foundation, reached out to inform us that Montana Rescue Mission has entered into Code Blue, due to the extreme temperatures in Billings.

CODE BLUE at MRM simply means they have opened their emergency shelter, at 2822 Minnesota Avenue, and ALL who need shelter are welcome.

Beatriz stressed:

No one should be left out in the cold. If you or someone you know is seeking refuge from the cold, please come to our shelter. We're here to help.

Spread the word, share this post, and make sure everyone in our community stays warm tonight.

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