Maybe you don't have a giant pile of boots clogging up your entry or doorway. Perhaps you live alone, are very tidy and have an assigned spot for you lone pair of winter snow boots. You are neat and organized and if you must bring your boots in from the garage after shoveling snow (for the third time today), you have a stylish rack for your cold, wet boots to elegantly dry off. Perhaps something similar to this model from Amazon seller MyGift:

Credit: Amazon seller MyGift
Credit: Amazon seller MyGift

Oooh, aren't you fancy? However, I'm guessing your house is probably more like mine this time of year, with multiple piles of boots (in various stages of wet) laying near the easiest spot the kids could find to kick them off the second they walk in the door. Usually after being outside for a mere 90 seconds, because it's ridiculously cold and there's really no reason for anyone in their right mind to go outside in the first place.

The boot-pile issue compounds significantly with each additional member of your family. There's six people at my house, so figure at least a dozen boots if we all venture out. There's usually an assortment of slippers and other shoes left by the door too, because you don't want to step in all the little water puddles everywhere with your socks when you come inside. God forbid anyone puts them away when they're dry.

Travel & Leisure ranked the 18 best snow boots, if you'd like to add to your boot pile this year. Some of the highest ranked models include brands like Sorel, Columbia, Ugg and Kamik.

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