It's Wet Nose Wednesday, brought to you by Shipton's Big R, and we've got a big loveable dog who is looking for his person. Monty is a 5-year old Labrador mix, and he's waiting for you at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

Here's what our friends at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter have to say about Monty:

Monty, aka, Social Butterfly, is a staff favorite. This good boy is super playful, sweet, friendly, and is just the best. He gets along with other dogs and may do well with cats, too. Monty’s biggest selling point is also his biggest fallback. He’s SO social that he will go over or under the fence to find new friends. A securely fenced in yard and a regular exercise routine will help tremendously with that issue. He’s so wonderful in every way. We just can’t believe he hasn’t been snagged up yet!

If you and your family would to meet Monty, or to find our more information about starting the adoption process at YVAS, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: Our featured Wet Nose from last week, Pepper the Jack Russell / Pointer mix, has been adopted!

Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media
Credit: Johnny Vincent, Townsquare Media

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter will be hosting "Crates for Critters and more" at the shelter, located at 1735 Monad Road, on Friday, July 16 from 9am-1pm. Come out and shop from huge selection of crates, carriers, and other pet supplies. CLICK HERE to get more info on this event.

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