Clapping to the beat and triumphantly raising his microphone above his head, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way channeled his inner Freddie Mercury while the band played the Reading Festival set in England last weekend.

Adding to the Queen connection was a guest appearance by the legendary British band’s own Brian May, who joined My Chem onstage to play guitar on signature songs by both groups.

About two months ago, Way reached out to May about teaming up at Reading. May subsequently learned how to play the My Chemical Romance anthem ‘Welcome to the Black Parade,’ which concluded the New Jersey band’s regular set on Friday.

In a recent online post, May wrote, “It’s one thing to play along with a track at home and roughly ‘get it.’ It’s quite another to be well-enough prepared to get up and do it in front of 120,000 people at a festival of mud!”

When My Chem re-emerged to play its first encore, May returned to the stage as well for a rendition of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You.’

May was truly rocked by Way’s stage command.

“Gerard as a frontman is magnificent, of course — his honesty and vulnerability — along with the right kind of instinct for being a hero,” May wrote. “[He] connects instantly with the audience, reminding me quite a bit of a certain other great frontman I worked with for many years.”

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