Today is probably one of Cookie Monster's favorite days. Because today, December 4, is National Cookie Day. Yum! According to Wikipedia, cookies were born in Persia sometime in the 7th century, shortly after sugar became a fairly common ingredient in the region.

The nice thing about cookies is that there is a cookie for everyone. Not to sound like Forrest Gump, but you've got dropped cookies, filled cookies, rolled cookies, no-bake cookies, breakfast cookies, low-fat cookies, etc. From the classic chocolate chip to fancy "gourmet cookies," you're sure to have at least one favorite.  Maybe more. The South Florida Reporter estimates Americans consume over 2 BILLION cookies per year. Don't laugh, but one of my favorite cookies comes from Subway. I just love their oatmeal raisin.

According to Yelp, these are the top spots in Billings for a good cookie.

  • Veronika's Pastry Shop - 2513 Montana Avenue. They specialize in pastries and their cookies are tasty too.
  • Heiko's Bakery3429 Central Ave # C. I love Heiko's. Known for their donuts, don't overlook their freshly baked cookies. So. Good.
  • Stella's Kitchen & Bakery - 2525 1st Ave N. Everything is good at Stella's. Next time you are downtown, swing by for a cookie. Or three.
  • Perkins - N 27th St and 19th St W. While the food at Perkins is... well, Perkins, their cookies and baked goods are actually quite good.
  • Crumbl Cookies - 27 Shiloh Rd Suite 6. This west-end newcomer sells cookies and nothing but cookies. My stepdaughter and her boyfriend LOVE Crumbl and if we're lucky, she'll bring one home.

Got a favorite cookie place in town? Let us know in the Comments.

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