Montana is beef country. Sure "plant based diets" are all the rage in the media lately, but pushing fake meat in meat producer country is going to be a tough sell. Montana is 6th in the nation for beef cows, with 2.6 million head of cattle in our state. That's approximately three cows for every resident.

Billings has a great selection of steak houses. Heck, you can find great steaks in just about every tiny bar in every small town across the state. So, when I read TripAdvisors list of Top 10 Steak Houses in Billings (according to customer reviews), I had to chuckle.

  1. Texas Roadhouse
  2. Jake's Downtown
  3. Bull Mountain Grille
  4. Jake's Bar and Grill West End
  5. Gusick's Restaurant
  6. Outback Steakhouse
  7. The Montana Club
  8. 3 North Bar & Grill (technically 20 minutes outside of Billings in Acton)
  9. The Windmill
  10. Montana Sky

Whoa. Hold on a minute. Outback?! Ummm, no. They might as well have picked Applebee's. Plus, where is TEN @ The Northern Hotel? Their steaks are awesome. What about Rib & Chop House?  And if TripAdvisor includes 3 North Bar & Grill on the list, what about the Edgar Bar? The recently remodeled and renamed Buffalo Block at the Rex should eventually make this list too.

BTW, no hate to Texas Roadhouse. I really do enjoy their steaks as well.

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