Great news, yet another brewery will be opening in Billings before the end of the month.  We are so lucky, this place is a beer lovers' haven.  And more than that, it's good stuff. We have a ton of great local breweries and people behind them that know what their doing. Billings is a top 10 city for beer drinkers.

Thirsty Street Brewing Co. is set to open Feb. 18th at 3008 First Ave. N., the site of the former Himmelberger brewery.  Dawson is the name of the man behind the new place and according to Billings Gazette he is planning to brew about 500 to 600 barrels.  Sounds like this guy is going all out.  New signs, furniture, and equipment.

What will make Thirsty Street Brewing Co. or Dawson the man behind it different?    He will feature Belgian beers as well as local stuff.  Cheers Dawson, we look forward to sampling your beer soon.


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