Get your running shoes out and start training for the Seventh Annual Purple 5K to help the homeless here in Billings.The Downtown Purple 5K is an event to benefit Spare Change for Real Change, a program to help alleviate homelessness and poverty in Billings.

Along with granting money to local organizations that work to alleviate homelessness, Spare Change for Real Change also pays for the initiatives of Community Innovations and the Motivated Addiction Alternative Program (MAAP).

Local sponsorship is critical to our being able to support these programs and offer local grants.

Sponsor gifts help underwrite race expenses and, along with entry fees and donations from race participants, go directly toward funding local service providers.

When you invest in a Purple 5K sponsorship, you invest in the lives of the people that are most vulnerable -- the people of your community.

The Purple 5K continues to grow as they empower the community to be actively involved in the fight against homelessness.

All proceeds from the races go to the Spare Change for Real Change program.

Spare Change for Real Change was created to bridge the gap between the city’s efforts to impact homelessness and alleviate poverty, and the public’s participation in those efforts through education campaigns and providing an alternative to giving money.

Over the past six years, these events have grown such that, as of this year, the Spare Change for Real Change program has granted more than $80,000 to local organizations that work to alleviate homelessness through education, housing, social services, and re-integration.

Register here  for the Purple 5K and help the homeless in Billings.




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