I know times are tough on a lot of people right now in Billings with inflation and crawling out of a pandemic. It’s been especially hard on the homeless population. I also know some people are super judgmental about homelessness. 

 “Get a job you lazy!”  

“Maybe if they didn’t commit a crime, they wouldn’t be homeless.” 

 “They’ll just use my money for drugs and booze.”  

I’ve heard it all, but the reality is, we don’t know their story. We don't know their history with mental illness or anything like that... So, why judge someone when they already have a tough life? 

Instead of judging these poor people, let’s be the good citizens of Billings, Montana and help them!  We need your help filling backpacks with all the warm gear for our cold winter days ahead.  

Taylor Gayvert is a psychiatric nurse here in Billings and has been collecting items for the homeless in recent years. She sees the homeless a lot. They’re in and out of the hospital with nothing to leave with, especially in the cold winter months.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Taylor started an amazon list to fill backpacks with essential items including hats, gloves, socks, hand warmers, foot warmers, bathing wipes, a set of long-johns, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, Chapstick, floss, a Mylar blanket, compressed washcloths, an inspiration message, band-aids, feminine products, and snacks.  

For the first couple years this event was supported by friends and family close to Taylor. She is trying to continue this tradition, but making it bigger and better this year. That’s why we need your help filling backpacks for the homeless who will need all these much-needed supplies.  

To see which items are still needed click this link below.  


Taylor puts the backpacks together with friends and family then they hit the streets giving them out to the homeless. Talk about angels in the flesh! Let’s use our buying power for good Billings.  

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

We all know the problem is very much here. And we can help by donating items.  

Plus, that’s good karma baby!   

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