Today on Reddit, I came across a post sharing a tweet from Citizen Free Press on Twitter, which is a video of a man now in Portland, Oregon claiming the City of Billings paid for his bus ticket to the sanctuary city.

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The "reporter" in the video asks the man if the "City of Billings" bought him a bus ticket to Portland, Oregon. He replies with a simple "yes"... which certainly sounds menacing.

Next up, the reporter says "So, the city got you a bus ticket to Portland? They asked you where you wanted to go, and they named multiple cities, you chose Portland and they paid your way to come here. Did they set you up with any type of services here, like you can come here to go into a shelter... and you have no friends and family here?" Again, a loaded question to get a simple and easy answer. The interviewee, Andrew, replies "No".

The reporter finishes up with "In my opinion, that is unethical and inhumane to just make you homeless in another." As the man just shakes his head up and down.

Now, as far as the homeless population here in Billings, the vast majority are simply people passing through. They grab some clothes, food, and free healthcare... then head on down the road. There is a group of homeless residents who reside here in the city, though the last time I spoke with the shelters in town, they estimated that number to be less than 100 in total.

I'm usually the LAST one to call people out, but to me, this "Citizen Free Press" (and the original video host, "PDX Real" seems to be trying to get a rise out of people. I've never heard of such a thing as the city paying the homeless to leave town. And at the beginning of the video, you can tell "Andrew" is far from interested in this conversation... and more focused on his slim jim in his hand. This whole thing reeks of "fake news".

What are your thoughts on this video? Do you believe the City of Billings would do such a thing? (I don't, that's why I am not even reaching out for comment from Victoria Hill.) Let us know on App Chat and Facebook.

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