There are two big events coming up at MetraPark this weekend. It's the PBR and next weekend it's the Toby Keith concert. As it currently stands, there is still no one contracted to sell alcohol at MetraPark, according to the Billings Gazette. Now, for me, that makes no difference at all, but for some, it's the only thing that matters.

The problem, according to the Gazette, is a new law that does not allow for two different vendors to sell in the same location. The Exchange club only has a beer and wine license and had to contract out for someone else to sell hard liquor. Officials want to make sure they go "by the book" and are not in violation of the law. So the problem is, we are three days out from the first PBR night. The new vendor will have to bring in their equipment and get their people ready in just three days. The new law, I'm guessing, has something to do with liability.

So, will you go to an event that doesn't serve alcohol? I'm guessing the PBR attendance will not feel the impact like a huge concert will because of the sport itself. For these concert goers though, that might be a different story. Another question is, why is this taking so long when they knew about this predicament months ago? No booze at the events will surely make security's job a lot easier, but also hurt revenue, which we seem to hear about with everything these days.

I think we have all had to deal with a drunk at Metra ruining our concert experience, so if you quit going to shows because of that, this next concert may be right up your alley if this issue is not settled by then. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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