This Sunday, March 13th, marks yet another time change. Yep, we will be losing an hour so don't forget to spring forward and set that clock an hour ahead Saturday night before you go to bed.

Maybe I am crazy and not understanding the purpose for this. I don't know. Is it really necessary to have the time change?

I know where it came from, but those days, as far as I can tell, are over for the most part. To me, the time change just messes everything up twice a year.

The only good thing, as far as I am concerned, is that in the fall I get to sleep in an extra hour. Once it doesn't feel like I am sleeping in anymore is when we change it again in the spring and that is when things really hurt.

Arizona abolished the time change years ago and they seem to be doing fine without it. Do we really need it anymore in Montana? Is there really that much of a demand to have it continue anymore?

I say it needs to go and be left alone from here on out. Just my two cents.