Find Your Outdoor Club and Group in Billings

Montana is known for majestic mountains, rapturous rivers, considerable cliffs, and peaceful prairies.  Living here is what millions of people around the country only dream of.  Our easy access to the outdoors, however, is often taken for granted.

Not knowing where to find an adventure partner means that it is sometimes easier to just neglect that we live in Montana’s Trailhead, and instead spend our time within the confines of society and development.

I’m here to help you change that.  Discover your passion, and let it flourish because if you’re into it, there’s probably a group for it right here in Billings.

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Get High and Climb Something

I know that marijuana is legal in Montana, but that’s not the high I’m talking about.  If that’s your bag, then I suggest you wait until after the climb.

Instead, I’m talking about scaling cliffs and mountains and even just the Rims that surround Billings.  We have one of the most unique geological structures running right alongside our city.  It’s the perfect place to grab some climbing gear, and strengthen that upper body.

Climbing near Billings MT
Credit: Scott Sery, Townsquare Media

Check out Steepworld to learn the ropes, and then hit up the Steepworld Group or the Billings Climbing Group on Facebook to find your partner in climb.

Hop onto the Yellowstone River and Float

One of the most pristine rivers in the country flows through our backyard.  Yeah, yeah, it’s kind of murky and doesn’t look like a crystal clear mountain stream, but the water is actually quite clean, and the Yellowstone River itself is amazing.

As the weather warms, it’s going to be more and more enticing to get onto the cool water.  And there’s no need to go it alone!

Floating the Yellowstone River Billings MT
Credit: Scott Sery, Townsquare Media

Friday Night Floats launches every Friday through the summer.  A huge group of rafters, kayakers, paddleboarders, or just people that want to plop into an innertube and drift downstream are welcome.

Find Your Off-road Jeeping Trail

There are some that want to be on water and others that prefer to stay on land.  Why not see the world from off-road?

You don’t necessarily need a Jeep to join the Magic City 4x4 Group, but you do have to have a passion for exploring the world in a way that most people will never be able to do.  There are informal meet-ups, and I’m pretty sure they do some bigger trips every year.

Land a Lunker on a Fly Rod

With Montana being a worldwide destination for fly fishermen, it's no surprise there are a handful of Montana-wide groups that are dedicated to this sport.

Swing on by to the Montana Fishing Addicts 2.0 page if you’re just all about fishing; not specifically into the fly rod stuff.  Or hit up the Montana Fly Fishing Group if you want to focus mainly on that art form.  Since joining groups is free, you might as well do both if you’re a fly fishing angler.

Fly fishing in Yellowstone River Billings MT
Credit: Scott Sery, Townsquare Media

A hyperlocal Billings Fly Fishing Group would be a great one to start if you’re pining for a community here in town.

Get Your Steps in on a Hike

Since FitBit started tracking where we go, people are obsessed with their step count.  I am too, don’t get me wrong.  I’m on a 130+ day streak of 10,000 or more steps.

But those steps are far more exciting when you’re on a hiking trail nearby, discovering new areas, seeing new sites, and experiencing Montana up close and personal.

Hiking in the Beartooth Mountains Montana
Credit: Scott Sery, Townsquare Media

Whether you want to hike right by town at Zimmerman Park on the Rims or head off to the Beartooths, you can get your beta and find your clan with the Billings Area Hiking Club.

Pedal Power around Billings

Gas prices are basically double what they were a year or two ago.  That means even a short trip around town saves you some considerable coin if you pedal it instead of drive it.

Best places to bike in Billings MT
Credit: Scot Sery, Townsquare Media

Of course, biking isn’t just about utility.  Seeing Billings from a bicycle is a great pastime as well.  And that’s what the Billings Bicycle Group is all about.  No need to be a super athlete, you just need to love riding bikes.

As a Billings Resident, What’s Your Go-To Outdoor Passion?

Social media has made it really easy for people to get together, find their squads, and socialize offline.  Maybe your passion already has a club formed around it.  Maybe your passion is relatively undiscovered.  Maybe the rest of Billings is waiting on you to step up and form one of these groups that unite people in the outdoorsiest of ways?

Maybe I forgot a club or a group, and you want to publicly shame and humiliate me.  I’m okay with that. Let us know what your favorite group is that we didn't mention here.

What’s your outdoorsy passion?  Where do you get your Montana outdoors fix near Billings?

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