NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' has made no secret of its unabashed 'Game of Thrones' love (everyone on that show can get it!), but where last week's episode, "Anniversaries," set up its most elaborate homage yet with the appearance of the Iron Throne, we only saw the tip of the iceberg. Watch as Ben loses his mind in the full deleted scene for the show's latest 'Game of Thrones' homage!

We saw a bit of Ben's reaction to Leslie's anniversary gift of an Iron Throne replica, but like the Patton Oswalt filibuster before it, the full scene nerds-out that much more. Not only does Ben drop some impressive 'Game of Thrones' knowledge on Leslie (723 past kings, who knew?), but Ben puts on his best Joffrey impersonation by slouching in the chair.

Keep in mind that we've yet to see Ben's full Batman costume return, so the Iron Throne may not prove to be a recurring gag, despite the space it would presumably take up in Ben's office or their home. Of course, it's certainly nothing compared to George R.R. Martin's original vision for the Iron Throne, but even with a seventh season confirmed, we wouldn't expect the beloved NBC comedy to blow its budget.

Check out Ben's full 'Game of Thrones' freakout in the 'Parks and Recreation' deleted scene above, and tell us in the comments what you thought about the Iron Throne shout-out!

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