You hear this a lot, unless you're from there, you don't get it.

One of my least favorite places in Montana is Glendive. Now I know that will make some people mad and I really don't know why but I make it a point to never stop there if I head that direction. It is just too blah for me. Nothing really there, or any reason to go there if you don't have friends or relatives or need a sturgeon fix.

Glendive, Montana
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Maybe that's why so many dinosaurs were from around that area, that's all that wanted to be there.

Think about it: Have you ever heard of people saying lets take a drive to Glendive this weekend? No one ever goes to Glendive for a fun weekend getaway or just to see the sights and scenery.

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Now, Lewistown is another small town with a similar population to Glendive. But I haven't been shy about my affection for that place because it at least has scenery.

In fact I'll bet if you would do a survey of Montanan's favorite places in the state, not much in eastern Montana would show up on the survey. Plentywood, Circle, Sidney, and of course Glendive probably would not make the list.

I do know though that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however. Some people think that my property is some of the ugliest desolate stuff a guy could have, but I love it.

So if you love Glendive and it's your favorite place in the world, wonderful. You probably won't run into me there at the local cafe.

We stand with Emily.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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