I saw in the news today that there were protesters in Portland that formed a "chain".  In the protesting world this particular chain was the protesters sitting down and then putting there hands through a piece of pipe, with there hands either handcuffed, zip tied together of duct taped together.  I went to a co-worker to ask if I could copy this story for my blog and she said no, because it is copyright laws.  She then asked me if I have been a part of a protest?  My immediate answer was NO, I have to work for a living.  That brought me to this blog.  Who are these people that protest?  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their passion, but how do you take a day off from work to duct tape your arms together through a piece of pipe.  Do they work at all?  Does Bob down the hall from you at work take Thursday's off to protest.  Susan in HR seems to be gone every Tuesday from noon to 1pm.  I've never been invited to these sit ins!  I'm too busy trying my best at work and making a living for my family.  My form of a sit in is at the ballgame.  My protest comes up when my wife wants to watch "Golden Girls" reruns.  Duct tape yourselves together, I've got better things to do.

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