This week, The Pub Station in Downtown Billings announced they have joined "D Tour", which will expand their offerings for unique live music experiences. What else does this bring? Who is D Tour? Let's dive in.

Who or what is D Tour?

D Tour, according to their own description, is...

... a network of independent venues and promoters offering national artists locally owned, unique venue experiences across multiple markets. We maximize impact and value for artists and fans through our collective of expert independent affiliates.

D Tour consists of multiple promoters across the United States, all dedicated to the local curation of artists and fan experiences, along with marketing. By partnering with local venues, D Tour can take the musical experiences to a new level.

They've been featured by RollingStone, Pollstar, Billboard, NPR One, and IdeaStream for this idea launch.

Who is in the D Tour Network?

With the addition of Pub Station, D Tour now has 30 total venues across the United States, all working together to share booking information and improve the offerings of each and every local event.

Credit: D Tour
Credit: D Tour
Credit: D Tour
Credit: D Tour

Why Pub Station?

Pub Station was an easy choice, as they are 100% locally focused! Personally, I've worked with the team at Pub for the last 4 years of being in radio in Billings. Their dedication to the local music scene is unmatched, and the future is bright for them in their current venue and future locations.

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