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Gianforte Announces Juras as Running Mate
Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT) announced his much-anticipated running mate in the race for Montana governor and lieutenant governor on Sunday night in Billings. Gianforte selected Great Falls lawyer and former Montana Supreme Court candidate Kristen Juras, 65, to serve as his running mate.
Helmet Coming To The Pub Station
You've heard this track on the radio before, late night on The Hawk.
If you were in high school in the 90's and you were a rocker back then, you are familiar with this band but how many of their songs do you remember?  Helmet does a great live show...
'My Furry Valentine' at the Pub Station
Do you own a rescue dog? I am owned by a rescue dog. I'm sure you've seen that saying in a meme on Facebook. But it's true.
I am currently the proud owner of a Husky/Malamute named Conan and he's my third rescue. I find that there's just something about a rescue dog...
Richard Lloyd this Weekend
Can you imagine knowing Hendrix?  And playing with someone like John Lee Hooker?  Richard LLoyd has done those things and will be playing at the Pub Station this Friday.  You've probably heard of his rock band Television.
You can hear an interview with him on 'The Hawk' …