Sam Talkington, Townsquare Media

Some people go through life and just don't care about anything and seem to live forever.
Some people go through life and try to help everyone that they can.
Some people don't seem to get a fair shake in life.
Some people seem to get everything handed to them and don't even have to work at it.
Then there is Rayleigh "Roo" McCann I have never met her but she sure looks like a 3 year old sweetheart!! Diagnosed with terminal cancer Roo's parents are looking to have the most quality time with what time is left.
They are having a fundraiser for the family Saturday June 11th from noon until 5ish at Tiny's Tavern. Everyone is welcome. Sounds like the right thing to do if you have the day off.
Many Billings businesses have donated for a silent auction.