Here comes the "old fart" story from me today.  Remember when you would stand in line to buy tickets to a concert?  As a kid I remember going to the local record store like Music Land.  They sold records and concert tickets.  If you were the first in line, you would get the best seats.  As time went on you could buy your tickets at Metra Park.  As a radio station we would do camp over nights with the soon to be ticket buyers.  People would bring their sleeping bags, lawn chair, boom boxes and try to be the first in line to get the best seats to the concert. We would order pizza for the crowd and beverages and play music.  Unlike "Black Friday" you were sure to get the best seats if you were the first in line.  After the ticket box office opened, you would have your cash or write a check and then walk out with a "Badge Of Honor" past the other slobs in line, knowing that YOU had the best freaking seats in the house.  That's all gone now.  Sadly you don't get to know the person in front of or behind you.  You just sit at your computer and wait.  First there is the pre-sale for artist club fans, then the pre-sale for a certain card member, the sale for the rest of us with visa/master card or discover.  Don't bother getting out of your chair or office.  Just stand there like a sprinter waiting for the start gun to fire and hope for the best.  Hell, it's over in 20 minutes now.  No parading out of the ticket booth, no bragging, no glow about you.  Just another day at the robot office and life.

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