Great weather this past week. Got some rain and it's not in the 90s yet.

Summer Rims Rainbow
Credit: Townsquare Media

This week I learned that scorpions glow when you hit them with UV light.

Tuesday was National Golf Day. I celebrated by having National Double Boogie Day. National Golf Lovers Day comes up on October 4th.

I was 18 in 2 for the first time ever this week but missed the eagle putt.

I see that the fourth season of Westworld is headed our way. I loved the 1973 movie with Peter Fonda and Yul Brenner. And technology has made this a great series.

I also wouldn't mind seeing Top Gun: Maverick in a theatre.

Keep your eyes on the sky Sunday at around sundown. A lunar eclipse happening.

Lunar Eclipse
Credit: Phil Walter, Getty Images

I wonder if when you work for Jimmy Johns if you have to get special training to learn how to wrap an unwich the right way. I get the Italian Nightclub Unwich (It's wrapped with lettuce instead of being made on bread).  And I love the Freakin Jimmy Johns commercials.

JImmy Johns Unwich
Credit: Mark Wilson

Billy Bob Thornton's band, The Boxmasters, is playing the Pub Station Tuesday. Are you going? And are you going for the music or are you going because he's famous?

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And something that really struck me as funny from Facebook this week. A guy was trying to sell his 1973 Ford Torino. Asking $15,000, FIRM... Unless you happen to have an aluminum river jet boat you might be willing to trade.

So, not really FIRM then, are you? But at least you have an eye for the classics.

Have a great weekend.

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