Montana's lone representative in the US House, Matt Rosendale, cruised through the primary election in June. How did the GOP fare overall in the state? What are Congressman Rosendale's top takeaways in terms of what he thinks the voters are looking for this Fall?

We talked about all that and more with the congressman, as we took calls across the state as well. This session Rosendale represents the entire state. Following the November elections Montana will swear in two members of the House. One from the east, and one from the West.

On winning the primary election with nearly 75% of the vote:

Rep. Rosendale: It's quite an honor, and it's very humbling to have the outpouring of support across the state, but certainly across the Eastern side that I hope to represent again next year.

What's the top takeaway from last week's primary election?

Rep. Rosendale: First of all, we have to thank everybody that steps into the arena and participates, because it is not an easy thing to put your life on full display. The next thing I would say is that it demonstrates the work that the Republicans are going to have to do to make sure that we maintain representation on the Western side. I wholeheartedly support Ryan Zinke now he has won that nomination. And I want to make sure, as I've discussed with people across the state, we must unify, we must shake hands, and everybody work together because the country and the state cannot send another Democrat to Washington, DC. We have got to make sure that we keep the Western District Republican as well.

He also took a shot at Democrat Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) for voting with the radical Left, and then trying to cover it up by throwing on a Carhart jacket back here in Montana. I gave my take that Montanans want bold, decisive Ron DeSantis style leadership (DeSantis is the Governor of Florida). Full audio is below:

Quick side note: Looks like he is scoping out one of those e-bikes at Bretz RV in Billings in the photo above. Those e-bikes are popular. I also like those specially designed Confluence campers you can see in the background. They've got the griddle grills for the outdoor cooktop.


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