Just because the Scorpions are in the midst of a farewell tour doesn't mean that the end of the road is near as far as band projects are concerned.

Singer Klaus Meine says a 3-D concert DVD is in the works, and it should be on the market in the next few months.

But that's not all. Meine adds that a new Scorpions album and a career-spanning documentary are also on the horizon.

The 3-D concert DVD was filmed in the veteran band's native Germany, and the project is very close to entering the sound-mixing stage, according to Meine. As for the 3-D experience, he said, "You can actually feel the smoke string out of the guitar like it is a live show."

Also due later this year is a Scorpions album featuring what Meine says are "classics," and while specific songs are not mentioned, he adds that "the '60s was our era for inspiration."

Then there's the band's in-progress documentary, which Meine says "gives you a picture of the Scorpions' career and journey."

And what else does Meine have in mind after his band’s farewell tour, which is scheduled to conclude in late November? He's given some thought to recording a solo album.

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