Who's your favorite Major League Baseball team? No matter, and I'm not here to argue with you about who's better. We want to send you to see your favorite team.

We will provide airfare for two, tickets to the game, two days and one night in the hotel, even $300  to spend on crazy ballpark food and beer. The only caveat is the game has to be between June 1st and June 29th and in the United States. Enter HERE.

I like baseball but not as much as I like food.  Some of the MLB teams have come out with some crazy combos this year.  I think I would go see a Braves game.  Atlanta is a great city for sure but the Braves are sporting a Burgerizza this year.  What is a Burgerizza you ask?  It's a 20-once patty, five slices of cheddar, bacon on a bun made of two eight-inch pepperoni pizzas.

The Cleveland Indians are serving up a hotdog with mac 'n cheese, bacon on it and wait for it....fruit loops.  I know, it was all good until they added the fruit loops. CBS Sports has a great article about all the crazy food you can get at a ballpark, might help make your decision on where to go.

Travel will be provided by Cook Travel Station of Billings.