The world collectively chuckled last week as Kanye West revealed his ludicrous "Bound 2" music video, which co-starred his fiancee Kim Kardashian, who rode topless on a motorcycle. Get ready to laugh even harder as Seth Rogen and James Franco made a shot-for-shot remake of the "Bound 2" video on the set of their new movie, which gives new meaning to the lyric, "I wanna f--- you hard on the sink."

Seth Rogen posted the video to his Facebook page with the message, "James Franco and I made a video for you guys during down time on the set of ‪#‎TheInterview‬ Check it and let me know what you guys think." The title card of the video says, "While on the set of their new movie 'The Interview,' James Franco and Seth Rogen felt inspired to recreate their favorite new video. Shot. For. Shot."

Shot for shot indeed. Which means you get a heaping dose of Seth with his shirt off and it's only slightly more hairy than Kim Kardashian.

We have to say, Franco does a pretty mean Kanye impression, right down to the multiple layers of flannel shirts, the hand gestures and, of course, the scowl. Below, you can watch a side-by-side comparison to see just how spot-on this remake is.

As mentioned, Rogen and Franco are busy filming 'The Interview,' a film that stars Franco as a TV talk show host who gets roped into an assassination attempt in North Korea with his producer (Seth Rogen). The film is Rogen's directorial follow-up to 'This Is the End' returning with collaborator Evan Goldberg (who wrote the script with Rogen).

We always hear about how there's a lot of down time on movie sets and here's proof. Proof that involves James Franco nuzzling himself into Seth Rogen's naked bosom. Enjoy!

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