While doing (and paying) your taxes is the opposite of a good time, there are some taxes that are so ridiculous, they're actually kind of fun.

Well, maybe not so fun if you actually live in one of these states. Check out our list of seven ridiculous state taxes:

Illegal Drug Tax - Tennessee

In Tennessee, you are required to buy a tax stamp to put on any illegal drugs you purchase in the state. You must do this at the Department of Revenue within 48 hours of buying the substance. You don’t have to provide ID to get this stamp, and it's illegal for Department of Revenue employees to turn you in. Nevertheless, this is a tax that is rarely paid -- and now, the constitutionality of the tax is in question.

Playing Card Tax - Alabama

Alabama charges a tax of 10 cents on any deck of cards that contains “no more than 54 cards.”

Nude Tax - Utah

One doesn’t associate Utah with strip clubs. Perhaps this is because the state levies a 10 percent tax on establishments in which "nude or partially nude individuals perform any service," that must be paid on top of all other state taxes.

Blueberry Tax - Maine

The state imposes a three-quarter-cent per-pound tax on "anyone who grows, purchases, sells or processes" the state’s most famous fruit: blueberries. Vermont doesn’t have such a tax on maple syrup, in case you’re wondering.

Jock Tax - California

In 1991, California became the first state to tax visiting professional athletes and performers on the percentage of their salary they earn while playing in the state’s stadiums and arenas. Many states have followed suit in years since.

Tattoo Tax - Arkansas

Tattoos and body piercings are subject to an additional six percent sales tax in Arkansas.

Sliced Bagel Tax - New York

In New York, there is an eight percent tax on bagels which have been sliced. There is no tax on un-sliced bagels, however, so order accordingly.

- Contributed by Jeremy Taylor

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